bike HOUSE

The word “House” is included in our name because it is our dream to one day create a hostel for traveling cyclists. Our space is purposefully located directly on the “Southern Tier” route many cycle-tourists take across America from San Diego to Saint Augustine.  We keep a log here of many of the folks who stop by on their way through.  It is our hope, that by keeping track of and showcasing these people and their travels, people in our community will begin to recognize Tallahassee as the fantastic cycling locale it is.


We have two rooms with beds for sleeping, and you are welcome to use our 7,000 sq ft warehouse space to camp. We have several inflatable mattresses, and pillows if you need them.

Please try to let us know of your plans 24 hours in advance, but if you can’t manage that, be sure to show up during our business hours. We have about 500 guests per year, so don’t worry too much if you can’t let us know …  Just give us a call and we are always around!


Talking to someone riding around the world, certainly lends an aspiring commuter the strength to ride to work or school!  A few moments of sharing ideas, dreams, stories.  Bicycle House is about instilling confidence in individuals to reach for independence.

As a bike tourist traveling – living your dream – please consider the opportunity you represent.  Stop in for the night.  Lend a hand if you can spare the time. You may change someone’s life for the better.