Volunteering at Bicycle House

You do not need to know anything about bicycles to volunteer with us...

We need people for

clerical help - parts sorting - public outreach/event people - bike safety trainers - basic cleaning - you get the point.

Please fill out the form you see, and we will contact you! 

What to expect working in the shop...

Today - When we opened at noon, two people were waiting to change their own flat tires. There were two people working in the shop, a recent volunteer and an “instructor-level” volunteer. The instructor worked closely with the two customers, getting them and their respective bikes on work-stands and helping them find the right tools and so forth. The recent volunteer worked in the background, getting tools, putting them away, pumping tires and watching the process.  That’s kind of the way it goes most every day.

We are a non-profit organization advocating safe, practical transportation and social responsibility, with an emphasis on healthy living.


Link to “Volunteer Handbook”Handbook_Home.html

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