Working together

It’s a fortunate thing when doing what you love does good for people and the world.  Opening the doors every day at Bicycle House can be daunting, people have needs and the tools we have to meet those needs aren’t always the best…  But we love what we do and so many people come to help out…  The day can start out rough, but then inevitably an overwhelmingly wave of positivity catches you, making you realize you are part of a greater thing.  Working together really solves more than just the problems we identify on the surface…

Bicycle House Core Goals


To strive to instill:


Hope, pride, and a sense of belonging

Encourage and celebrate independence

Listen to and learn from others

Provide, maintain, and educate

Like many kids, I started riding to school with my brother in elementary school.
For sure, those first rides set the tone for the remainder of my life fitness-wise, but more than that, it made me feel independent and useful – I felt like I was saving my parents time and money.
I have never stopped enjoying the bicycle – for transportation – for fitness – for exploring…  Bicycle House is my way of sharing what I have learned…

Scot Benton





Bicycle House is meant to be a place where people gather for the purpose of helping each other.

So much has happened since we started.

We have no exact or concrete “concept” – beyond working together and staying on equal terms.

We are not trying to rewrite the constitution, nor are we protesting any “problem” in our society.

We are simply here to celebrate the wonder of what a bicycle can do..