Jonathan is 15. He grew up in The Republic of Congo.  He came to America with his family several months ago.  Bicycle House provides transportation (bicycles) to his family.

Eventually, Jonathan started coming around the shop in his spare time.  He is a big help and he is learning about American culture through making friends.   He is polite and considerate as well – he picked up on what we are all about with little explanation and took to sweeping up and patching tubes almost right away.  He is a welcome addition to Bicycle House!

Today, Jonathan brought his two brothers.  We did not know he had brothers.  they were very shy at first -they know almost no english. But soon enough – after Jonathan had given them a quick orientation – they were gesturing to Jonathan to ask what bicycle they could ride.

Jonathan  speaks very quickly to his brothers in his native Kituba language, mixing in some French as he goes.  We have a great time when they come around….

Come down and meet some new neighbor/cyclists when you get the chance everyone!